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Blood In Urine: Why It’s Important To See A Urologist

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Blood In Urine: Why It’s Important To See A Urologist

Many of us are aware that a dark yellow color of urine is a sign that we need to drink more water every day, but are you aware of what to do if you notice blood in your urine?

If you notice blood in your urine it can be a cause for concern. Potomac Urology Surgery Center recommends you always schedule an evaluation, as it could be due to a condition that needs treatment.

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Is It Really Blood?

Don’t immediately panic if your urine looks pinkish or dark, but don’t ignore it either. A strange color can indicate what you have recently eaten, how much fluid you have consumed, what medications you are taking, how old you are, or even how much exercise you normally get.

Urine can be many colors and may or may not be worrisome, for example:

  • Dark yellow to clear urine ranges from not drinking enough water to drinking too much making it completely clear. Watch out for murky or white urine as this could be a sign of a urinary tract infection.
  • Orange urine indicates a certain diet or medication. Someone who eats a lot of carrots or drinks carrot juice may find their urine turns orange. On the other hand, if it is accompanied by light colored stools, see Potomac Urology Surgery Center.
  • Green urine can be a result of particular medications or taking Vitamin B every day. It could also be caused by a UTI.
  • Brown urine can mean any number of things like eating fava beans or rhubarb. It can also mean liver or kidney problems.
  • Pink or red urine is concerning of course. It could be something simple like eating beets, or it could be blood. If you don’t consume a lot of beets, make an appointment with a urologist. A simple urinalysis will tell you whether there is reason for concern.

When To See Potomac Urology Surgery Center

Blood in the urine can be caused by serious conditions including kidney stones, an enlarged prostate, kidney cancer, and bladder cancer. In addition, an inflammation of the urethra, a bladder infection, prostate cancer, or a simple UTI can be the cause. If you notice blood in your urine and it goes away, don’t ignore it. 

Make an appointment with Potomac Urology Surgery Center in Forest Heights for testing, even if you only notice blood in your urine once, as it can indicate serious medical conditions.

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